AnimationMaster Ver.10e for Win/Mac

投稿日時 2003-2-8 23:52:08 | トピック: A:M-Update が「Ver.10e」を公開しました。
Fixed loading very old models with decals {Marshall}
Fixed crash pasting hidden properties of bones in relationships {Tyler}
Fixed importing a model renaming child bones {Frank Lichtner}
Fixed adding a userproperty folder not showing in property panel until it is redrawn {Stephen Bruce}
Fixed reordering userproperties {Stephen Bruce}
Fixed not being able to create a userproperty folder with out a window open
Fixed not being able to dragdrop a userproperty until it is selected
Made it so that frontprojection targets that are flatshaded can be shadowed by difuse lights {mixing cg with live action}
Moved Material drivers folder under a model cache to end so all drivers can load correctly {Filip Louwet}
Fixed changing group decals in model cache not saving correctly and causing crash {Mike Hart}
Fixed CompressMuscleChannels if motion is biased, channel will be properly saved When adding a constraint to a bone before any other motion, then adding motion, no longer incorrectly places the motion under the constraint.
Fixed a peculiar case that occurs when selecting an object in the tree with no windows open, but where the project contains a chor which uses a reusable action which contains constraints, and the chor was closed while on a non-zero frame. It no longer crashes from stack overflow.
{Alain DesRoches}
Fixed rendered objects going black after changing plugin render shaders.
Fixed rendered objects going black after changing Gradient render shader presets.